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Pipes & Sewers

Water Pipes

A water pipe is a pipe or tube, frequently made of plastic or metal that carries pressurized and treated fresh water to a building or home for use in the kitchen, bath, laundry and outside irrigation systems. They are made of various materials including PvC ( polyvinyl chloride), iron, polyethylene or copper. These pipes are often buried in the slabs of the home or building, and consist of joints, valves and fittings that can often lead to leaks. Water lines are pressurized and more susceptible to leaks. Leaks can lead to lower pressure, water damage, high unnecessary water bills and a waste of natural resources. When the temperature gets cold, leaks can cause frozen pipes, which are a major concern because it can lead to no heat.

Sewer Pipes

The majority of sewer pipes are made of PVC and polyethylene. They allow for the exiting of wastewater materials from bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms to a sewer or septic tank system. Often times, sewer pipes consist of joints and fittings that can become damaged and cause leaks, which can lead to awful odors.

Sewer Repair

We repair and install new sanitary line/sewer repairs, replacements & diagnostics.If you constantly have to snake your sewer line, we will fix the problem for good at the upmost consideration of your time and budget! There are many NYS, Federal and EPA standards requirements that need to be met while working on Sanitary Sewer Systems. At Gallaghers, you can trust that our master licensed plumbers will be there to execute your project with the ultimate precision. 

Frozen Pipes

The rough winter weather can result in plumbing issues if frozen pipes are taken care of properly. By doing some maintenance around your home you can prepare for colder weather. If a pipe does burst, they can be very expensive to replace. Just one burst pipe in a home running at four to eight gallons a minute can cause tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Bursts occur when the water cools several degrees below freezing in the pipe, causing ice to form. 

How to prevent Frozen Pipes

  • Seal & Insulate your attic & consider replacing drafty windows & doors.

  • Keep warm air circulating around your pipes

  • Make sure your basement doors, windows, and crawl spaces are properly sealed and weather stripped.

  • Drain our your sprinkler system before the winter season. 

  • Consider Installing storm windows and protective plastic coverings for colder areas.

We provide preventative and restorative services for water and sewer piping, including
re-piping entire properties.